Results from Practical Horseman’s Second Virtual Horse Show

Learn who earned the top 8 spots in our Virtual Hunter Over-Fences Class and watch some rounds.

Thanks to all the riders who participated in Practical Horseman’s Second Virtual Hunter Over-Fences Class. There were 51 judged entries in fence heights ranging from 2’ to 3’3, so it was a competitive class.

Thank you also to our judge Tom Brennan and Vita Flex Pro and Farnam for contributing prize packages to our top three finishers.

Congratulations to our top-placed horse-and-rider pairs! Below are the results and some of their rounds.

1. Ashley DeWoolfson and Cinderella (video not shown)

Ashley DeWoolfson and Cinderella, winners of Practical Horseman’s Second Virtual Hunter Over-Fences Class. Courtesy, Ashley DeWoolfson

2. Riley Gerardo and Splendid

3. Reese Gerardo and Sunny Days

4. Blake Watkins and Corleone

5. Elise Marie Standing and Prime Time

6. Laura Stiel and Diplomat (Tyler) (video not shown)

7. Bridgette Pardo and East Coast Swing

8. Florence Castle and Inform Me Cowboy (video not shown)

Send questions to [email protected] and stay tuned for future opportunities to compete in our virtual shows.

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