Results: Practical Horseman’s Virtual Hunter Over-Fences Class III

B'Ravation and Allison Ceplenski win Practical Horseman's Hunter Over-Fences Class III

B’Ravation and Allison Ceplenski of Southington, Connecticut, won Practical Horseman’s Virtual Hunter Over-Fences Class III. There were 12 judged entries in fence heights ranging from 2’ to 2’6. Ceplanski competed over 2’3 fences.

Allison Ceplenski and B’Ravation Courtesy, Allison Ceplenski

Thanks to all of the riders who participated in the class, which ran from August 5–17, 2020, and thanks also to judge Lyman T. Whitehead of Redding Center, Connecticut, and Vita Flex Pro and Farnam for contributing prize packages to our top three finishers.

Congratulations to our top-placed horse-and-rider pairs. Below are the results and the rounds of the top eight finishers.

1. B’Ravation and Allison Ceplenski

2. Romeo and Quinn Gilman

3. Gemini Flyboy and Ruby Suess

4. Ripasso and Heather Sprague

5. Windstone and Kristin Materka

6. Simon and Victoria Wheeler

7. Denaveral and Anna Rzchowski

8. Willow and Sydney Kosderka 

First: B’Ravation and Allison Ceplenski

Second: Romeo and Quinn Gilman

Third: Gemini Flyboy and Ruby Suess

Fourth: Ripasso and Heather Sprague

Fifth: Windstone and Kristin Materka

Sixth: Simon and Victoria Wheeler

Seventh: Denaveral and Anna Rzchowski

Eighth: Willow and Sydney Kosderka

Thanks again to everyone who entered! Send questions to and stay tuned for future opportunities to compete in our virtual shows.

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