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Looking for articles about horse-and-rider health? Check out these articles from top professionals about a variety of topics for equestrians such as sports psychology, common equine illnesses and senior horse care. We’ll also share articles about the latest findings from research in horse and rider health. 


Yes, Stress Influences Performance

In a recent study, scientists measured signs of resistance in horses, including headshaking, yanking on the reins and tail-swishing, to determine the extent that stress has on their performance.


The News About Shoes

Technological advances in horseshoes and innovative concepts in shoeing practices have given new hope for horses with hoof problems and lameness issues.

Fighting Laminitis promo image

Fighting Laminitis

New research on a devastating disorder is leading treatment advances and prevention.

Shoe for Soundness and Performance promo image

Shoe for Soundness and Performance

Correct trimming and shoeing are essential parts of horse care. Understanding their core principles will help you identify a job well done.


Colic Surgery

Understanding what’s involved–from process to prognosis–could prove critical to your horse’s chance of survival.


Tendon Injury FAQs

Two vets give you the inside scoop, from causes and prevention, to treatment, rehab and prognosis.


Combating Joint Disease

Degenerative joint disease, or osteoarthritis, is an irreversible condition, but careful management of symptoms will keep your horse moving freely.


3 Steps to Stronger Stifles

Progressive stretching and strengthening exercises that target specific muscles and ligaments can keep this important joint in peak condition.