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Equine Memory

Understanding how it works can help you train and care for your horse.


Are there alternatives to cribbing collars?

A reader writes in to say, "My horse has been a longtime cribber and I can’t get him to stop. I feel that a cribbing collar would make him uncomfortable. Are there other ways to stop cribbing besides the use of a collar? Is it OK to let him crib?"


To Ease the Stress of Estrus

For better behavior and performance, consider treatments and management techniques when dealing with a mare’s heat-related issues.


Yes, Stress Influences Performance

In a recent study, scientists measured signs of resistance in horses, including headshaking, yanking on the reins and tail-swishing, to determine the extent that stress has on their performance.

copper nails

Copper May Help Hoof Health

Many farriers have started using copper-coated nails, which seem to have an antibacterial effect on a horse’s hoof wall.


The News About Shoes

Technological advances in horseshoes and innovative concepts in shoeing practices have given new hope for horses with hoof problems and lameness issues.

Fighting Laminitis promo image

Fighting Laminitis

New research on a devastating disorder is leading treatment advances and prevention.

Shoe for Soundness and Performance promo image

Shoe for Soundness and Performance

Correct trimming and shoeing are essential parts of horse care. Understanding their core principles will help you identify a job well done.


Equine First-Aid Essentials

Be prepared to manage a minor injury or stabilize a serious wound with a well-stocked and accessible emergency first-aid kit.


Proving the Effectiveness of Ice Boots

Neoprene ice boots have been a long-time aid for utilizing cold therapy for performances horses. But how effective is this method? Researchers set out to find answers.

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Frequent Feeding May Minimize Ulcers

Researchers discovered that providing horses with frequent meals—a task that can be aided by automatic feeders—can help reduce the occurrence of gastric ulcers.