Ask a Pro: Hoof Care

Q: Hey Max, what’s one of your “all day, every day” horsemanship core practices?

Q: Hey Max, what’s one of your “all day, every day” horsemanship core practices?

Horsemanship starts with a solid foundation in care and training. Proper care of a horse’s hooves is especially critical since horses are built from the ground up. The hooves are irreplaceable, and farriers can only work so much magic. Therefore, horses’ feet have to be a priority, no matter the horse, no matter the season.

Hooflex provides deep therapeutic conditioning while maintaining a long-lasting moisture balance and protecting the hoof wall. Its also available in an all-natural form!

“My all day, every day for hoof care purposes is Hooflex. It has wonderful, multi-purpose conditioning qualities and gives a nice finishing look. To top it off, the bottle is easy to manage and it’s hard to tip over,” says Corcoran. “Add that to the fact that it makes the horse hooves look beautiful and it’s a win-win. In the horse industry we can all praise a product that eliminates horse care headaches and is easy to use!”

Hooflex has been a trusted conditioner for farriers for more than 70 years. It provides a long-lasting moisture barrier that aides in preventing cracked or chipped hooves while also having anti-fungal properties to prevent infection. To learn more about the full product line, including natural options and hoof packing, click here.

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