Ask a Pro Q1: Hoof Care

From the Hoof Up, literally. Dr Turner gives us his ideas around hoof care and packing.

When sitting down today with Dr Tracy Turner, the topic of hoof care was brought up. Dr. Turner is pretty straight forward when it comes to hoof care and prefers to keep it simple. The starting point all begins with a good farrier and a good trim. “You must have a good relationship with your farrier, and keep your horses in good conditions for their hooves, meaning dry yet conditioned circumstances”. 

Hoof packing reduces heat and soreness.

“Don’t over complicate it,” he states “Take a step back and consider the horses’ conformation, the type of work they are being ask to do, what kind of surface that may be on. Then, if additional support is needed due to high performance or an imbalance in the foot, consider bringing shoes or a pad and shoe into the equation. When adding in a pad, absolutely consider a good hoof packing within it. Start with the basics and add additional support as needed, adjusting to the conditions at hand for your horse.”

If you have a horse in competition, this is where you should consider altering your “basic care” and turning it up a level. “Should a horse become sore, for example an eventer that’s showing on a circuit, those horses tend to come into contact with a lot of hard ground. I would suggest packing their feet over night to help improve their recovery time and reduce the sting that can develop in their hooves due to the hard impact.”

Absorbine’s Magic Cushion® and Magic Cushion ® Xtreme

A hoof packing option:

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Check out this informative video on Magic Cushion…

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