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Six Ways to Improve Your Fly Control

Fly Control Tips for Horses and Stables: These six smart tips help you save time and money in the war on flies.

1. For a natural fly repellant, try wormwood oil.

Copyright Practical Horseman. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright Practical Horseman. All Rights Reserved.

2. Keep flies away by adding cider vinegar to your horse's water.

3. Bothered by deer flies when trail riding? Ride at or near the end of the line and let the lead horse get all the biting flies.

4. Run hot water through clogged fly spray bottles and they'll work like new again.

5. More than 40% of fly spray is wasted through spraying. Wipe it on!

6. Shave bot fly eggs off your horse's legs with a lady's safety razor.

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