Senior Horse Care

Learn more about the changing needs of senior horses in their golden years and how to provide the best care for their health and fitness as they become older.

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Ask A Pro Q3: Supplements for the Body

Supplements and joint health have always been major points of conversation in every equine circle. What's healthy and good for the equine body, and what’s not? We brought this up with our featured veterinarian, Dr. Tracy Turner, who specializes in equine lameness, to hear his professional opinion.
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Showtime: A Guide to Guarding the Equine Gut

On the eve of the big equestrian festivals, make plans to strengthen and maintain your horse’s gastrointestinal health.
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Senior Horse Vet on Call

Special Considerations for the Senior Performance Horse

How to adapt your horse’s management to better support his age
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Head to Hoof: Senior Horse Health Concerns

Help your horse age gracefully by understanding the most common issues facing senior equines.
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