Ask a Pro: Max Corcoran

Everyone in the equine world has their own secret sauce for all things horse care related. We asked our featured professional Max Corcoran what her go to strategies are.

Everyone in the equine world has their own secret sauce for all things horse care related. Over the next few months we will feature a question and answer series with Max Corcoran. Here’s a quick look into Max’s experience…

Max Corcoran grew up in northeastern Massachusetts where she hunted with the Myopia Hunt and did some lower level eventing as a working student for Bobby Costello. She went to Proctor Academy and Northeastern University and started a career in the investment world, but eventually came back to the horses. She ended up at the O’Connor Event Team in the fall of 2001 and continued there for the next 11 years traveling to many championships and top events around the country and the world. She now continues to freelance groom around the US and the world and also organizes competitions in the US. She is the incoming president of the USEA where she will focus on horse care and management. Max now lives in Ocala, FL with her partner Australian Olympic Show Jumper Scott Keach.

Ask a Pro Question 1: Achieving a showstopping tail

Corcoran understands what all of us horse lovers love: a big, thick, shiny tail. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that your horsemanship contributed to a lustrous, full tail that will help your equine baby bat away those pesky flies. Plus, that tail will get you noticed by everyone in and out of the show ring. One of the best products on the market that can help you get there is Absorbine’s ShowSheen line. Click here to read Max’s recommendation on getting that next level tail. 

Question 2: Tack Cleaning Routine 

Some of us love it and find it therapeutic to clean our tack to a beautiful luster and suppleness. Some of us think it’s a chore before a show and wish we could “I Dream of Jeannie” it, and poof it’s clean! Regardless of your personality type, taking care of your tack is important for everyone. Max Corcoran, our resident professional, let us know what her tack cleaning routine is and more here.

Question 3: Hoof Care

Horsemanship starts with a solid foundation in care and training. Proper care of a horse’s hooves is especially critical since horses are built from the ground up. The hooves are irreplaceable, and farriers can only work so much magic. Therefore, horses’ feet have to be a priority, no matter the horse, no matter the season. Read how Max eliminates hoof care headaches with ease!  

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