Celebrate 50 Years of Grooming Excellence with ShowSheen® 

For over 50 years, ShowSheen®’s trusted formula has helped horse owners achieve show-quality grooming results and helped enhance the bond between horse and rider. As part of their journey—the rides, early morning and late-night grooming sessions, tears, excitement, therapy talks in the barn, learning how to braid, small victories and big steps in life, the wins the losses in competition—ShowSheen was always within arm’s reach. Grooming is about more than just cleaning your horse; it’s a time for horses and riders to bond. ShowSheen is more than a product. It’s a legacy of love for all horses.

The Evolution of ShowSheen 

In 1974, Absorbine® launched what was to become the gold standard of grooming products: ShowSheen. The iconic first-of-its-kind grooming spray is the world’s No. 1 grooming aid.  

Over the years, Absorbine developed a collection of effective ShowSheen products that have become staples in tack trunks worldwide. Owners keep their horses looking their best in the show arena and on the trail with ShowSheen.  

Image of a brown horse and blonde woman, using ShowSheen product during a grooming session.

Top riders, like Nicholas Fyffe of Marcus Fyffe Dressage, rely on ShowSheen to keep their horses feeling and looking their best in and out of the show arena. Nicholas says, “Being based in Wellington year-round means that our horses sweat heavily in the summer, and this can lead to dry skin and other irritations from grooming products and frequent hosing. We recommend the ShowSheen Hair Polish and Detangler not just because it gives our horses’ coats a nice shine but the provitamins keep the skin nourished, looking good and feeling healthy.” From daily care to show-ready shine, ShowSheen has become the grooming spray riders of all disciplines and levels trust to keep their horses healthy and looking their best. 

Enhance Your Grooming Routine with ShowSheen 

ShowSheen products are meticulously formulated by haircare professionals, with top-quality, salon-inspired ingredients that deliver exceptional results — keeping your horses’ coats, manes, and tails healthy and looking luminous. Each product in the ShowSheen line promotes your horses’ health and wellbeing with pro-vitamins, silk proteins, and other ingredients to moisturize and nourish coats, manes, and tails.  

The Science Behind the Shine 

  • Clinically proven to reduce breakage by 40% across independent, repeated grooming experiments comparing broken fibers. 
  • Proven to instantly add volume and improve appearance by filling and smoothing the hair shaft, as seen when comparing and analyzing surface hair fiber condition using scanning electron microscopy. 
  • Decreases dry combing force by 38% as demonstrated by brushing trials measuring frictional forces. 
Cartoon horse wearing a lab coat

Building a Bond 

The bond between horse and rider strengthens during your regular grooming routine. Grooming not only has physical benefits, such as helping maintain healthy skin and coat, but it also has emotional benefits for both horse and rider. Taking the time to groom your horse allows for bonding, trust-building, and communication.  

Cartoon image of a girl brushing her horse.

Grooming is More than Just Cleaning 

Grooming is not just about cleaning your horse; it’s an opportunity to give back and bond with your equine partner. This time together should be enjoyable for your horse, promoting relaxation and comfort. Understanding the right pressure levels and techniques is essential for making grooming a positive experience. Observing your horse’s reactions will guide you in refining your technique, ensuring each grooming session is enjoyable for both of you. ShowSheen products complement these techniques, ensuring grooming is an effective and rewarding experience. 

Trusted Legacy 

Trusted for generations, ShowSheen helps bring out the true radiance in horses of all trots of life, whether they’re in the winner’s circle or just enjoying time in the pasture. Here’s to fifty golden years of impeccable grooming—and to many more to come. 

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