Online Trailer Shopping Tips

You can cut out most of the legwork in trailer shopping by searching online. From Practical Horseman magazine.

You can do much of the legwork of trailer shopping without going farther than the nearest online computer.

Choose a search engine and type its address into the box provided on the browser screen. Some popular engines are and Somewhat different is (which responds to lengthier text inquiries, rather than keywords–see below–and then searches through several engines at once).

Enter key words for search. Each search engine give tips on how to use keywords most effectively. If looking for information on a specific make of trailer, for instance, enter the manufacturer’s name and “horse trailer” for starters. The search yields links you can click on to reach manufacturers’ and dealers’ websites. As you explore, you may also find bulletin boards where the trailer is a topic of discussion, even classifieds ads where used models are for sale.

Take shortcuts. Each search engine gives somewhat different results, and results may not be the same each time on line; when you find a useful or informative link, “bookmark” or save it in order to find it again easily. If you’re looking for a used trailer, try the searchable database at in addition to a wider search.

Be persistent. Especially when looking for a particular model of used trailer, you may need to make repeated visits to the most promising sites before you succeed.

Thanks to Rick Stewart, DVM, amateur computer whiz and skilled online trailer shopper, for help in preparing this information.

This article first appeared in the July 2000 issue of Practical Horseman magazine.

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