Functional Show Shirt Fashions

Long gone are the days of stodgy and uncomfortable competition clothes. Check out some of the newest show-shirt styles for 2013.

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Quick: What are the first three words that come to mind when you think of your show outfit? If they include “hot,” “uncomfortable” or “boring,” it”s time for a wardrobe makeover.

Contemporary competition coats, shirts and breeches for all disciplines increasingly are being designed like athletic wear, using the latest construction techniques and high-tech fabrics that stretch, wick and breathe while allowing full range of motion in the saddle. At the same time, manufacturers have added mainstream fashion details, like contrast trim and frilly necklines with a little color or sparkle, to give you a stylish alternative without straying too far from tradition.

Then there are the functional design features, including flattering seams and color blocking, hidden zippers, magnetic closures and longer shirttails, that give you

a professional, custom-tailored appearance without breaking your budget.

Check out these new styles of show shirts in addition to 36 more competition separates in the April 2013 issue of Practical Horseman magazine.

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