Go for the Cold! Horses are Chillin’ with Carry-Cool®

EquiSources® has released the Carry-Cool®, a customizable neck-wrap that allows immediate cooling relief to hot horses anywhere.

Milton, GeorgiaEquiSources® has just released an all-new approach to equine cooling, bringing to market a portable, customizable neck-wrap design that allows horse owners and care-givers to deliver immediate cooling relief to their hot horses in as little as five minutes, anywhere, anytime without removing your tack. 

Courtesy, EquiSources®

Backed by outstanding research results, this unmatched cooling protocol is brought straight to your horse by way of an icy-cold, neck wrap, transported in an insulated cooler-tube, lined with removable, re-freezable ice-packs that keep the wrap frosty until use, making Carry-Cool® the only system for serious competitors and owners that provides instant relief the moment a horse needs it, like stepping out of the show arena, before a competition check point or simply, back at the barn.

“Loved it. Very good idea and also great if you have one that needs to have its neck iced”, said Lee McKeever, lead groom and candid, highly respected member of Team McLain Ward for over thirty years. Carry-Cool® by EquiSources® helps provide relief to your hot horse by significantly reducing heart-rate, respiration and core temperature as soon as the icy-cold fabric covers your horse’s neck. Whether after competition, a leisure ride, post-work or during illness, all horses are safely transformed anywhere, anytime into cooler, happier athletes and companions.

In the spirit of optimum horse care, and especially during the hot summer months EquiSources® strives equally to leave each horse cooler, and every horse owner/caretaker satisfied with a happier, more comfortable horse.

Press Contact

Leslie Kasper, EquiSources, Sr. Sales/Marketing 


Cell Phone 404-247-8711

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