How exactly does one prepare for a 600-mile trip across Mongolia (riding itty bitty, half-feral horses, no less!)? Prac's Associate Editor Jocelyn Pierce just flew halfway across the world to take part in the Mongol Derby, the longest horse race in the world, which is scheduled to kick off next week. Learn more about the Mongol Derby here, and check out the video below to find out how Jocelyn prepared for this adventure. In case you missed it, check out yesterday's video and learn why Jocelyn decided to embark on this challenging trip of a lifetime! 

Do you have some questions (or words of encouragement!) for Jocelyn? She just arrived in Mongolia and will be tuning in for a brief Facebook Live Q&A with us on Friday, August 3rd, between 7–8 p.m. ET to share about her experience so far. Email any questions you might have to 

Practical Horseman Associate Editor Jocelyn Pierce is competing in the Mongol Derby, a 600-mile expedition considered the longest and toughest horse race in the world, Aug. 8-27. Here’s how to follow the action, sponsored by Mane 'n Tail and SmartPak:

• Visit Practical Horseman for daily race recaps and Jocelyn updates from 2017 Derby finisher Leslie Wylie
• Follow Jocelyn’s progress live via her GPS tracker, read official reports via the Derby website, and follow @mongolderbylive on Twitter
• Tune in for Derby Dot Watch Party podcasts presented by Horse Radio Network in partnership with Practical Horseman, broadcast live nightly at 8 p.m. EST 

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