Today’s Products: Spring 2019

Trauma Void™’s Lynx™ Helmet

Trauma Void™’s Lynx™ Helmet is the wave of the future and the next step in brain protection technology for the equestrian community. The most important component of the Lynx riding helmet is the incorporated Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which has been used in snow, motor and bike helmets for years. Safety may be the first priority of Trauma Void’s Lynx helmet, but it has also been designed for comfort, style and affordability. The design features a removable and washable Coolmax® lining inside with great ventilation, and this ASTM/SEI certified helmet is available in black with an easy-to-clean shell.

Spalding Bye Bye Insects™

Spalding’s new Bye Bye Insects is a principally essential oil-based fly repellent that, for the first time, is comparable to the performance of pyrethroid synthetic chemical sprays. Bye Bye Insects smells great and can be used on yourself and your horses. Performance can also be adjusted to what you need. You may use it at full strength, but many will find that the product diluted to 50% will still be sufficient. The quart spray bottle may be refilled from the 3-quart pouch. Call (866) 379-3897 or visit

Noble Equestrian® Guardsman™ Fly Mask

Change the way you think about horse care with the Noble Equestrian® Guardsman™ Fly Mask. Engineered for durability and comfort, this fly mask is like no other. The unique patented Flex Spline Technology creates a canopy away from your horse’s eyes, while the unique contoured fit prevents insects from penetrating the mask. Visit the brand new Noble Equestrian website launching March 15 to explore the Spring 2019 Collection and to learn more about the innovative features of the Guardsman Fly Mask (available with both ears and no ears) and other Noble Equestrian products.

WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Combo Neck

The WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Combo Neck is an ideal choice before or after exercise, or while traveling. Features include ceramic fabric technology to reflect the horse’s body heat; a single buckle-front closure; touch-tape closures on the neck portion; twin, low-cross surcingles; and a tail cord. Therapy Tec is designed to increase your horse’s muscle function to reduce the risk of injury during warm-up by preparing the muscles for exercise. It also assists with recovery after work by reducing lactic acid buildup, which can decrease recovery time and improves the healing of prior injuries. In black/silver/red, sizes 60” to 87”.

Heritage ‘Jumper’ Performance Glove

The Heritage Performance Glove offers a comfortable custom fit with our stretchable Lycra material. The elastic cuff and adjustable strap closure securely hold the glove on your hands. This glove is also made with our exclusive Heritage “Super Grip” synthetic leather, which securely increases your sensitivity, control and grip of the reins. The glove is machine washable. In sizes youth 4 and 5, and adult 6, 7 and 8.

SmartPak Ultimate Fly Sheet

For the ultimate fly protection for your horse, look no farther than the SmartPak Ultimate Fly Sheet. It’s made from a soft, breathable yet durable mesh that actually “fixes” itself, recovering from small tears on its own. Plus, it’s backed by our Three-Year Durability Guarantee. Your horse will enjoy head-to-tail protection with an extended tail flap, a wide belly-band closure and a detachable neck cover. Silky lining at the shoulders and withers prevents rubbing, while roomy shoulder gussets and a SmartContour™ cut enhance freedom of movement. Also featured: quick-clip front closures and elasticized, removable leg straps.

Senior Health & Wellness by Farnam

The Senior Health & Wellness supplement supports intestinal health and digestive function. It is ideal for horses that eat less than the recommended amount of a senior feed or eat an unfortified grain or forage alone. The supplement contains beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; it’s packed with amino acids and fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, and its palatable extruded nugget formula provides optimal digestibility. Available in two sizes in stores and online.

Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ears & Nose Fringe

The Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ears & Nose Fringe is a full-face fly mask featuring air stream fabric on the ears and fleece padding on the seams that will keep even the smallest of insects away. The additional fly fringe on the nose moves with the horse and helps deter flies from the muzzle area. Available in black or teal in small pony, pony, cob, full and extra full. 

Mane ‘n Tail Ultimate Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner

Mane ‘n Tail Ultimate Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner have been taking the horse grooming industry by storm! If you want the ultimate in luxury, high-shine performance, look no further than Mane ‘n Tail Ultimate Gloss. Mane ‘n Tail Ultimate Gloss formulas are chock full of good things for your horse’s coat, mane and tail … like nourishing coconut oil and moisturizing hemp oil. Did your horse roll after his bath? If you used Mane ‘n Tail Ultimate Gloss, brush the dust, dirt and hay off, and he will still shine like Orion’s Belt… and it’s Saddle Safe™, too!

Tredstep’s Renaissance Collection

Tredstep’s Renaissance Collection is stepping ahead in 2019. Now manufactured in Europe and traditionally crafted using the highest quality European leather, our new generation of boots features refined styling with more sizing options, ensuring the perfect fit every time. A high-tensile stretch panel and a heavy-duty rear zipper with an elastic top closure tab guarantee a secure and comfortable fit. An evolutionary cushioned rubber sole provides the latest in sole technology, coupled with a Coolmax®-lined, cushioned footbed that ensures advanced stirrup grip and ankle flexibility. Superior style with fashionable function makes this collection a winner in any arena.

UltraShield EX Insecticide and Repellent

UltraShield EX Insecticide and Repellent kills and repels more than 70 species of biting and nuisance flies, mosquitoes, ticks and gnats, helping to protect your horse from potential health risks. Its advanced formula features multiple sunscreens and coat conditioners, including aloe and lanolin. The formula is water-based and weatherproof up to 17 days, thanks to UltraBond Technology™. UltraShield EX is now available in an ergonomic bottle with vertical and horizontal spray settings. Reach for UltraShield EX to end fly frustration.

AquaPacer Underwater Treadmill System

Hudson Aquatic Systems designed, engineered and manufactures the AquaPacer underwater treadmill system specifically for the advanced development of equine athletes of all disciplines. Through the control of hot and cold water temperature, water height (to control buoyancy and resistance), speed and duration, equine trainers and veterinarians can utilize AquaPacer to customize a protocol for each equine’s specific needs. The results are faster recovery and rehabilitation from injury, optimal training and conditioning, and overall performance and fitness improvement.

Equithrive® Joint Supplements

When it comes to joint support, Equithrive® sets the standard with supplements clinically proven to support soundness and healthy inflammatory response. Whether you are looking for everyday preventative support (Essential Joint), innovative soundness support (Original Joint) or ultimate advanced care (Complete Joint), Equithrive has the winning formula to keep horses thriving. Available in highly palatable pellets, it has never been easier to administer daily joint care. If you believe in products backed by scientific research and clinical trials, look no further. To shop our complete line of joint products, call (866) 721-1412 or visit

Lami-Cell Come Best Sheet

A revolutionary fusion of technology and therapy, the Lami-Cell Come Best Sheet’s specially designed material combines the ability to add ions to the bloodstream with the ability to radiate the horse’s own muscle energy for thermal insulation. This combination of anion-adding properties and far-infrared thermal healing fibers can effectively promote blood circulation, reducing fatigue and inflammation. Standard features include a soft outer shell, cross-belly surcingles, a Velcro front closure, two buckle and nylon billet front closures, elastic leg straps and a tail rope. Also available in the Lami-Cell Come Best Therapy Collection: polo wraps, leg protection and saddle pads.

Farnam SimpliFly Feed-Thru Fly Control with LarvaStop™

Get a jump start on fly control. Start your horse on SimpliFly early in the spring and continue throughout the summer until cold weather restricts fly activity. Break the fly life cycle by preventing the development into mature adults. SimpliFly prevents development of house and stable flies in manure when horses are continually treated; is highly palatable (just add to horse’s feed); contains no organophosphates; contains Diflubenzuron; and is the only equine feed-thru fly control granted reduced-risk pesticide status by the EPA. Available in 3.75-lb., 10-lb., 20-lb. and 50-lb. sizes.


Metabarol® is scientifically proven to support healthy metabolic function in horses by aiding in the maintenance of appropriate insulin levels. Metabarol contains Equithrive’s proprietary and highly bioavailable resveratrol product, Resverasyn®, a safe and potent anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic. Metabarol is a smart choice for maintaining the health and wellness of “easy keepers” and can be used safely on a long-term basis without gastrointestinal side effects. To help customers provide the best care for their horses, Equithrive is offering a $50 rebate for blood testing with the purchase of Metabarol as part of its Metacare™ program. Call (866) 721-1412 or visit

Shapley’s Original MTG

Since 1938, Shapley’s Original MTG has been time-tested and guaranteed to not only cure skin issues like rain rot and scratches in as little as three days, but to grow hair up to three inches a month. MTG also has an anti-itch component that instantly soothes skin and discourages mane and tail rubbing as well as re-growing the hair. MTG works great on other animals, too, including dogs for hot spots and mange. MTG has been trusted by horsemen worldwide for over 80 years.

Inside Tract™

ADM Animal Nutrition™ applied the latest equine nutrition research to formulate Inside Tract™, a unique equine supplement designed to help support a fully functioning gastrointestinal environment, especially during stress. Inside Tract™ provides nutritional support by combining Cell Rate® (a source of nucleotides that may help nourish natural body processes involved in stress, immunity and reproduction), CitriStim® (an ADM proprietary yeast that may favorably impact the gut microbial population) and direct-fed microbials, along with essential vitamins (including natural-source vitamin E) to support a healthy, functioning gut for effective digestibility of feedstuffs.

Prestige Italia RP Jump Girth

The Prestige Italia RP Jump Girth has a unique design with outstanding performance capabilities. The girth features a padded round panel that reduces pressure and increases equine comfort, especially on girthy horses. The girth can slide a bit through the center cushion, which eliminates side-to-side movement on the horse. Due to its shape, it enhances freedom of movement, making it easier for your horse to perform. The girth remains secure and high functioning even when exposed to dirt, sweat, water and mud. Available in black or tobacco, with or without elastic. Sizes 100 cm-160 cm.

Farnam® Grand Champion™ Fly Repellent

This two-in-one product kills and repels flies, mosquitoes and gnats while adding show-ring shine. Whether you’re in the show pen, training at home or out on the trail, you don’t need biting flies and irritating mosquitoes and gnats distracting your horse and ruining your ride. Farnam Grand Champion accomplishes two tasks at once, killing and repelling those annoying flies, mosquitoes and gnats while delivering a lustrous, show-ring sheen. Think of it as a high-end coat conditioner that sends insects packing. The unique, continuous-spray applicator comes in a practical 15-oz. size and provides even, controlled spraying at any angle.

Equithrive Hoof Pellets

The hoof is literally the foundation of horse health, and that foundation is fortified by good nutrition. Equithrive Hoof Pellets deliver the full spectrum of essential nutrients that promote and sustain healthy hoof, skin and coat. These highly palatable pellets are easy to feed and contain hoof-building ingredients like biotin, omega-3s, methionine, selenium and chelated trace minerals for optimum bioavailability. Call (866) 721-1412 or order online at


Buggzo is the original garlic and vinegar pellet that’s been a best seller for many years. We have combined garlic and apple cider vinegar in a tasty, pelleted product that is easy to feed—without the mess of liquids or powders. With a convenient 1- to 2-oz. serving, you won’t experience any sorting, sifting or sneezing (you or your horse). Your horses love it and the bugs will stay away—that’s guaranteed! Try our best-selling Buggzo pellets for a tasty way to keep bugs away! Call HorseTech and order Buggzo today to get ahead of those pesky bugs.


Ask your vet if InsulinWise is right for your horse. InsulinWise (patent pending) is research-proven to support normal insulin regulation in horses with equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) or PPID horses exhibiting insulin resistance. Sustaining normal insulin sensitivity reduces the risk of laminitis in insulin-resistant horses. InsulinWise maintains lower insulin levels; reduces body weight; supports a decreased risk of laminitis; and is recommended for EMS or PPID (Cushing’s) horses with insulin resistance, horses that have a history of laminitis due to altered insulin regulation and horses that are overweight and at risk for developing EMS. Available only through licensed veterinarians.

Perfect Harmony EQ™

The ingredients in Perfect Harmony EQ™ work together to help produce a more manageable, pleasant, cooperative horse where agitation, aggressiveness and sullenness may be hormone-related. A horse’s hormones direct or impact all of his metabolic functions. Hormone imbalance affects the health and behavior of many horses to varying degrees. Perfect Harmony EQ™ provides ingredients that support balanced hormone function, smooth muscle comfort and improved behavior in your horse in a safe, easy-to-feed liquid. Perfect Harmony EQ™ serves as the daily baseline to your management program and combines well with other Perfect Prep formulas. Call (877) 324-8002 or visit

Troxel Avalon Helmet

With a newly designed extended coverage FlexVisor™ and bold metal cooling vents, the Avalon is destined to become a new favorite show helmet option. It’s packed with performance features, a modern low-profile design and the latest fit technology. It’s a perfect blend of athletic lines and innovative technology. Available in new rose gold edition, new black edition and new graphite edition.

Performance Builder™

Exclusive formula in development for three years for improved muscle health and overall performance works in weeks, not months! Even good horses improve. It contains all the best ingredients you’d want in a healthy muscle builder, from gamma oryzanol (from rice bran), calcium HMB and L-leucine to botanicals which make a formula that horses love. Run faster, jump higher, perform better with Performance Builder. Safe and effective for weanlings and older as well as pre-sale horses! Directions for use: Give 1 fluid oz. daily.

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