Americans Dominate at International Bromont CSI-W

The World Cup Qualifier, ended with American riders domination.

July 28, 2014–The 2014 International Bromont’s final event, the World Cup Qualifier, ended with American riders domination, as they took seven of the top ten places, including the Top 5. 

Todd Minikus | Photo Copyright Tom Von Kap-Herr

Victory for Todd Minikus

Designed for testing both the technical and athletic abilities of participating riders, the course created by Venezualian Leopoldo Palacios, comprised 13 obstacles for 16 efforts in a time allowed of 93 seconds. Only five pairs entered successfully made it to the jump-off, including the winners of the July 20th Grand Prix, Denise Wilson and Winter.

Of the five duos that made it to the second round, only four will effectively participate: Olympic rider Leslie Howard won’t be able to compete in the jump-off because of a fall incurred in the warm-up ring, automatically placing fifth with Utah. Bromont native rider Mario Deslauriers, gambles on speed to take first place with Scout de la Cense, but a fallen bar denies him the win. Denise Wilson / Winter and Candice King / Combina take the lead with two clear rounds. The last duo on the course, Todd Minikus and Quality Girl, will earn the win with a course executed at full speed; they beat their closest opponents, Candice King and Combina, by more than 3 seconds.

The End of the 39th Edition

The July 26 & 27 weekend, thus concluded the 39th edition of the International Bromont. However, the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park will host, the Quebec Provincial Dressage Championships as well as the Autumn Classic, from September 12 to 14, 2014. FEI judges Elizabeth McMullen (FEI5*) and Lorraine Stubbs (FEI4*) will be part of the jury. More information will be available on the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park’sInternet site at

Results – World Cup Qualifier

1. Todd Minikus (USA) / Quality Girl 0-0, 37.65
2. Candice King (USA) / Combina 0-0, 40.73
3. Denise Wilson (USA) / Winter 0-0, 41.43
4. Mario Deslauriers (USA) / Scout de la Cense 0-4, 37.82
5. Leslie Howard (USA) / Utah 0, 91.34
6. Liubov Kochetova (RUS) / Balou du Reventon 1, 95.09
7. Candice King (USA) / Balous Day Date 1, 96.02
8. Kama Michelle Godek (USA) / Air Force One 4, 91.46
9. Jennifer Serek (CAN) / Okapi de Terlong 4, 91.69
10. Richie Moloney (IRL) / Freestyle de Muze 4, 92.29

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