Photo Gallery: Practical Horseman's "Win a Day with Phillip Dutton" Clinic

Macy Harden prepares Cherry for a morning ride with Phillip Dutton. | Photo ? Amy K. Dragoo
?Phillip discusses the importance of a forward walk with Amy Collins (on Ruger) and Haley Zimmerman (on Forwin). | Photo ? Amy K. Dragoo
?Contest winner Shannon Brown leg yields Black Jack while her friends watch. | Photo ? Amy K. Dragoo
Shannon and Phillip are all smiles after a rainy morning flatwork and jumping session. | Photo ? Amy K. Dragoo
?Although rain came down throughout the day, riders like Shannon were undeterred. | Photo ? Amy K. Dragoo

Phillip stands with the nine riders who participated in the clinic. | Photo ? Amy K. Dragoo

The first group of riders listen to Phillip’s instructions before a cross-country schooling at Paradise Farm. | Photo ? Amy K. Dragoo

The riders were all eager to help each other with encouragement and support, even loaning each other tack. | Photo ? Amy K. Dragoo

Phillip used the rolling hills of Paradise Farm to introduce the horses and riders to varied terrain. Here, Beth Huddleston pilots Inis over a log jump. | Photo ? Amy K. Dragoo
When Haley Zimmerman’s mount Forwin, a show hunter, initially showed reluctance to go forward on cross country, Phillip rode the horse and encouraged him to be confident in the open field. | Photo ? Amy K. Dragoo
?Courtney Goss rides Hootie up a bank while Phillip watches. | Photo ? Amy K. Dragoo
Katy White and Monty jump one of the many cross-country fences at Paradise Farm. | Photo ? Amy K. Dragoo
After being ridden by Phillip, Haley Zimmerman’s mount Forwin confidently tackled many cross-country questions, including water. | Photo ? Amy K. Dragoo
Although Shannon and Black Jack had struggled with ditches in the past, Phillip helped the pair work through their issues. | Photo ? Amy K. Dragoo
Black Jack gets a pat from Phillip for a job well done. | Photo ? Amy K. Dragoo

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