Practical Horseman Podcast: Carrie Kehring

Meet Carrie Kehring, the creator of the #WeRideTogether, and learn about the campaign.

This week’s episode, sponsored by Purina, is with Carrie Kehring, the creator of the #WeRideTogether initiative.

The goal of #WeRideTogether is to target sexual misconduct and abuse in equestrian sport, including how these issues often are ignored, minimized or wrongly blamed on the victim. Carrie was inspired to start the campaign as a result of her own family’s experience with sexual misconduct in the sport. She wanted to create a place that promotes transparent and safe dialogue within the industry as well as give a voice to survivors and educate athletes, coaches and families.

In this episode, Carrie tells us everything we need to know about the #WeRideTogether movement and what she hopes the organization will accomplish. She talks about the cultural change that must happen to diminish the stigma and fear of coming forward as well as the changes she’s seen thus far with the rising awareness about sexual misconduct in horse sports.

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