Practical Horseman Podcast: Chrissa Hoffmann

On this episode of the Practical Horseman Podcast, hear from international Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer, Chrissa Hoffmann.

This week’s episode, sponsored by Troxel, is with international Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer, Chrissa Hoffmann

Hoffmann is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist who owns and operates CFH Dressage in Vero Beach, Florida. She first found herself in the spotlight aboard Harry Callahan, an American saddlebred who she trained from three years old to Grand Prix. The duo earned top placings in Florida against high-ranking riders aboard their warmbloods, a feat not many thought was possible.

In 2009, Hoffmann and her horse, Ferrelli, topped the Gold Coast Opener in Wellington in a class of twenty-five top horses and riders. That season, they went on to finish in the top 6 in the World Cup Qualifier in Wellington, which earned her a ranking on the USET short-list of riders.

Hoffmann has worked with some of the best trainers in America and abroad, including Steffen Peters, Michelle Gibson, Barbara Silverman, Robert Dover, and Christoph Hess. Hoffmann applies her classical dressage background to the modern day show ring and in her training program with students. Over the years, she has trained multiple horses to the Grand Prix and FEI levels. Hoffman prides herself on developing each horse with simple, quiet, riding that focuses on proper equitation and correct communication between horse and rider.

In this episode, Hoffman will speak about her training philosophy for both herself and her students, and will share more about her two mounts, Callahan and Ferrelli. During the conversation, co-host Julia Murphy also asks Hoffman for some training tips for her young horse, Mo, and she gives great advice that can be applied to everyone’s training.

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