How to Ride a Jump on a Mound • Help Your Horse Recover From Intense Work

A U.S. Olympian gives step-by-step instructions on how to ride a jump on a mound. Plus, a veterinarian shares tips to help your horse recover after a challenging training session or competition.

Jump on a Mound
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U.S. Olympian Doug Payne shares how to build the skills a horse needs for a jump on a mound and then walks through how to ride it.  

In this issue, Payne:

  • provides an exercise to introduce this common cross-country question to your horse in training.
  • breaks down how to negotiate a jump on a mound step-by-step.

PLUS, Christina “Cricket” Russillo, DVM, shares considerations for training, competition, dietary strategy and supportive therapy that will help your horse recover from intense work.

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