Looking for a fun, easy way to strengthen your jumping position and improve your jumping rounds? Centenary University’s Michael Dowling shares an exercise that is simple to set up and beneficial for any riders with some experience cantering small courses and jumping bounces. Shaped like an hourglass, the exercise will

• develop and strengthen your basic position and make you a more effective, reactive rider.

• hone your skills for track riding, measuring stride length and balancing your horse.

• enhance your horse’s jumping technique, tightening his front and strengthening his hind end.

• improve his straightness, adjustability and rideability between fences.

BONUS IN THIS ISSUE: To make sure your horse is getting what he needs from his hay, read a five-point primer, assembled with help from Krishona Martinson, PhD, equine extension specialist and professor at the University of Minnesota. You’ll find out how to choose the right hay for your horse.

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