Nicholas Fyffe: Consistent Groundwork = Success in the Saddle, PLUS Equine Fitness

A better relationship with your horse on the ground translates into a better ride. BONUS: Advice to improve your horse’s fitness and health.

How does your relationship with your horse on the ground compare to the one that you have when you’re in the saddle? The connection between these two is much stronger than many people realize, says Grand Prix dressage rider Nicholas Fyffe.

In this Practical Horseman Extra, Fyffe shares 3 skills to help you build a strong foundation of groundwork that will:

• improve communication with your horse because your expectations and goals on the ground and in the saddle are the same.

• create a stronger understanding and bond because your horse learns there is one set of rules in every interaction he has with you.

• increase safety by improving your horse’s obedience and respect for your personal space.

• produce a happier, more relaxed horse because you eliminate confusion over the aids you are giving and what they mean.

BONUS! Dr. Hilary Clayton, BVMS, explains how to improve your horse’s cardiovascular health, muscular strength and suppleness to help him perform his best and reduce the risk of injury.

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