Sinead Halpin’s Jumping Exercise Plus Winter Blanketing Tips

Are you an eventer who would like to add a little polish to your show-jumping round? Or a jumper rider who would like to improve your horse’s confidence in the arena? If so, we’ve got you covered. In this volume of the Practical Horseman Extra, we bring you a favorite exercise of international event rider Sinead Halpin that will help you execute a great show-jumping round. It includes trotting over a line of four raised poles and then turning to canter three cavalletti spaced out on a circle. You end by returning to trot and riding over the raised trot poles again.

Inside Practical Horseman Extra Volume 1: Sinead Halpin’s Jumping Exercise; Winter Blanketing Tips

  • Upper-level event rider Sinead Halpin shares a favorite cavalletti exercise to help you polish your jumping rounds in the arena. It will help you focus on your track, make quick decisions on course, keep your horse supple and confident and much more. The end result: Your horse will jump better and you’ll have a better round.
  • The blanket debate: As cold weather sets in, the daily discussion on whether or not your horse needs a blanket begins. Professional groom and stable manager Max Corcoran shares a few simple rules to help you decide. 

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