Take Home the Blue • Master a Beautiful Braid Job

Two USEF ‘R’ judges offer tips on how to ride a winning hunter round. Plus, a professional braider breaks down the braiding process step-by-step.

Get the judges’ POV! USEF ‘R’ judges Patrick Rodes and Chris Wynne give insider tips on what judges are looking for in the hunter ring.

In this issue, Rodes and Wynne:

  • explain that regardless of how fancy your horse is, you give him the best chance at a ribbon by maximizing his strengths.
  • emphasize that throughout your round, you should focus on three things: pace, rhythm and track.

PLUS, pro braider Jennie Vigliano teaches you how to create picture-perfect hunter braids. From what tools to use to step-by-step visual instructions, you’ll be a pro in no time.

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