The Low-Down on Jumper Warm-Ups • Dry Your Damp Horse in the Winter

Two jumper trainers explain how a good warm-up plan can maximize your performance in the ring. Plus, a veterinarian shares how to dry your damp horse on a cold winter day.

Jenni and Steve McAllister of Team McAllister share exercises to prepare you and your horse both mentally and physically for the questions asked on course.

The McAllisters explain:

  • Your horse’s muscles, tendons and ligaments need to be warm and supple for your horse to perform his best, but not worked to the point where fatigue might set in while he’s still on course.
  • Likewise, your body needs to be warm and loose and your brain must be fully engaged in the task at hand.

PLUS, rider and veterinarian, Heather Hoyns, DVM, provides tips to dry a sweaty or damp horse during the winter.

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