Use the Off Season To Plan for Improvement • How To Keep Your Horse Hydrated During the Winter

Olympian Jim Wofford offers a plan to keep your horse fit during the off season. Plus, a veterinarian answers a reader’s question about keeping horses hydrated during the winter.

“Now’s your chance,” says Jim Wofford about going into off-season quiet time. During this time, Wofford has his riders set goals for themselves, while also keeping their horses fit with his “four day rotation” training schedule.

Wofford’s off-season plan:

  • When you start conditioning for your horse’s new season, use the most powerful tool you have: the walk. But not just any walk, a productive walk.
  • In addition to conditioning, you must schedule adequate dressage, show-jumping and cross-country training. Riders should keep both a schedule of plans and a work diary.

PLUS, veterinarian Harry W. Werner, VDM, answers the following question: “Are dehydration and overheating ever a problem for horses in the wintertime? If so, do you have any tips for avoiding these problems while continuing a regular exercise routine?”

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