What’s Your Supplement Strategy? • PH’s 2022 Trainer of the Year: Clarissa Wilmerding

Get to know Practical Horseman’s 2022 Trainer of the Year, Clarissa Wilmerding! Plus, a vet explains that a commonsense approach for determining what supplements are right for your horse begins with identifying a specific need.

Clarissa Wilmerding has been named the 2022 Practical Horseman Trainer of the Year in recognition for her outstanding contributions to the equine industry as a trainer and coach.

In this issue:

  • Learn why Wilmerding’s students nominated her for the Trainer of the Year award.
  • Get to know Wilmerding when you read the Q&A excerpt from her Practical Horseman Podcast episode, which aired July 29.

PLUS, Kenneth Marcella, DVM, investigates supplement contents and claims you should consider before buying.

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