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Scott Wilson Equine Dentistry

Banish Imbalances in the Mouth

Learn how a balanced mouth can help improve your horse’s quality of life as well as boost his performance under saddle.

Dr. Emily Weiss applying learning theory with Otterridge Up in Lights | ? Charles Mann/Practical Horseman

Learning Theory Training Tools for Positive Horse Behavior

Develop better communication?and have more fun?with your horse by applying learning theory.

Mare Play Behavior promo image

Mare Play Behavior

An animal behaviorist answers a reader's question on why mares don't play as much as other horses.

Horse Rehabilitation Tips promo image

Horse Rehabilitation Tips

Experts and riders share their best treatments to get a horse back to work in this excerpt of Chapter 5 from the book Back to Work.

Linda and Pat Parelli.

Horsenality: It Makes Your Horse Unique

Can you decode your horse's personality to discover what makes him tick? A Q&A with educator and clinician Linda Parelli.

This mare is always very enthusiastic about her work, and because of her eagerness to please, she can become quite hot. | Photo by Alois M?ller

Horse Personality Types: The Overachiever and Sensitive Horse

Learn to match your training techniques to your individual horse's personality and character in this book excerpt from Dressage Training - Customized.

Sleep Patterns in Horses promo image

Sleep Patterns in Horses

If your horse dozes off between classes at a horse show, does that mean he's exhausted? Probably not. By Elaine Pascoe for Practical Horseman magazine.

How Horses Sleep Pt. 2 - Power Naps promo image

How Horses Sleep: Power Naps

Studies of herds of wild and semi-wild horses show that horses take "power naps" and use the buddy system to get the rest they need while keeping safe from predators.

How Horses Sleep promo image

How Horses Sleep

What does your horse need to sleep well? Maybe not what you think, say equine-behavior experts.