6 Articles to Help You Survive Blanketing This Winter

Trying to figure out which blanket to buy, which one to put on your horse tonight or how to properly take care of these expensive essentials? Top grooms and stable managers share their wisdom on blanketing to help you make the best decision for your horse this winter.


To Blanket or Not?

A few simple rules will help you decide which blanket to choose when.

Choose the Best Blanket promo image

Choose the Best Blanket

Choose the blanket that works best for your horse's situation. Here's what to consider.

Drying a Damp Horse

Dry Your Damp Horse in Winter

A competitor and veterinarian teaches you how to use a cooler to wick your damp horse dry on a cold winter day.

Belly straps should be snug enough that you can fit just the width of one hand between the strap and your horse

How to Prevent Blanket Rubs

Professional groom Liv Gude answers a reader's question on blanket fit and preventing rubs.

Horse in Blanket 101

Horse Blankets 101

Find the right fit, size and weight for your horse's blanketing needs this winter.