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Producing a Top Horse

How conditions during conception and pregnancy can influence your foal.

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Filly or Colt?

Research shows that the age of equine youngsters’ parents affects the sex ratio among foals, and the effect is stronger for mares than stallions.

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Is it safe to spay my mare?

One reader asks if spaying is a safe option for her mare.

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Mare Reproductive Mystery Solved

Researchers have finally identified the hormone that supports pregnancy in mares.


Webinar: Evaluating Horse Conformation for Potential Ability with John Madden

Practical Horseman presents a horse conformation webinar with show-jumping trainer John Madden. Brought to you by Purina Mills?.

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Rider to Rider: If you could breed a mare to any stallion in history, who would it be?

Practical Horseman readers divulge their ideal sires for creating dream horses.

Mark Watring with Sapphire and his clone Saphir. | ? Tass Jones

The Horse Cloning Conundrum

Science has made it possible to genetically replicate a horse through horse cloning. What does the process involve, and what does it mean for the future of competitive equestrian sports?

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Expenses of the First 21 Days of Breeding

Before breeding your mare, consider the expenses you'll face to (hopefully) get a healthy foal on the ground. From the editors of Practical Horseman magazine.

A simple series of temperament tests can help you determine the best future career for your young horse. | Photo courtesy of Practical Horseman

What Does Your Foal's Temperament Mean?

A French study found that the results of nine simple tests on horses as young as 8 months can help owners and breeders guide them toward appropriate careers. From the editors of Practical Horseman magazine.

Forecasting Foals for Dressage

Will the weanling you like now develop into a good future dressage partner? International breed show judge and Olympic veteran Hilda Gurney helps boost your odds of predicting accurately. By Hilda Gurney and the editors of Practical Horseman magazine.

Normandy Manor broodmare Bliss and her new 2004 foal. | Photo courtesy of Deborah Borra

Set Up a Successful Horse Breeding Business

When Deborah Borra made the leap from real estate and harp-playing to commercial Swedish Warmblood breeding, she equipped herself with as much business knowledge as possible. Written by Sandra Cooke for Practical Horseman magazine.

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Savvy Breeding Do's and Don'ts

Experts from the hunter/jumper and dressage worlds agree on these breeding guidelines to maximize your chance of getting the foal you want. From the editors of Practical Horseman .

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Pick, Promote a Top Stallion

Success in today's sporthorse breeding market requires careful planning, thorough execution and no shortcuts. By Belinda Nairn-Wertman for Practical Horseman magazine.