Cross Country

Bonnie Mosser Fly Fence

Learn to Gallop Cross-Country Fly Fences

Bonnie Mosser shares pointers on how to gallop “fly fences” comfortably out of stride.

Andrew Nicholson and Boyd Martin

A Look Back at Jim Wofford's Annual Kentucky Three-Day Event Critique

In honor of the Kentucky Three-Day Event, we share some of our favorite critiques from cross-country day over the years

Tamie Smith Full Coffin 2

Cross-Country Coffins

Lay to rest your—and your horse’s—fears about this challenging cross-country question.


Photo Gallery: Favorite Moments from Fair Hill

Relive all the excitement from last weekend's Dutta Corp. Fair Hill International Three-Day Event in Elkton, Maryland.

Chatwin has an unorthodox jumping style, but Frankie Thieriot Stutes knows how to maximize his performance.

Report from the 2018 Dutta Corp. Fair Hill International

Fair Hill celebrated its 30th anniversary with thrilling cross-country rides and show jumping that offered the kind of excitement we always expect from the Maryland eventing fixture.

Katie Bryant and EM Aquataine with Andreas Dibowski

Andreas Dibowski’s Principles of Cross-Country Riding

This German Olympic gold medalist tells clinic riders to focus on riding forward in balance—not on the distance—for a safer jump.

Lynn Symansky gritted her teeth and got on with it aboard Donner to be the highest-placed American after cross-country, in ninth place.

FEI World Equestrian Games Tryon 2018: Cross Country

The Mark Phillips-designed course proved a perfect world championships test, making for a day that was both safe and exciting, although less than lucky for the U.S. team


Part 2: Selena O'Hanlon - Take it to the Bank

Canadian eventer Selena O’Hanlon explains how to produce the correct canter in the approaches to up and down banks and how to tackle on–off banks in Part 2 of this two-part series.

121025-Jim Book_DSC2945


The cross-country phase is why we do this sport. Here’s how to make the most of it.


Eventing's Quest for a Safer Sport

A look into safety changes made in eventing, including frangible technology and new data analysis that assesses cross-country risk.


Jim Wofford: The Competitive Conundrum

Thoughts on reconciling the demands of competition—when ‘they’ are keeping score—with classical training principles

Donner’s rider, Lynn Symansky, is the highest-placed American after cross-country.

Report: Cross Country Day at the 2018 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event

A beautiful but challenging cross-country course made a few changes in the top of the standings, but with the final phase of competition coming up, each of the key contenders has more than a desire to win—they all have their special reasons.

Jim Wofford Post Cross Country

Jim Wofford's Analysis of Today's Cross-Country Course

Jim shares the highs and lows of the day, along with how scoring changes have made the sport more suspensful and how "The Terminator" was able to get an edge on the rest of the field.


Rider Thoughts on the Cross-Country Course at #KY3Day18

Check out what eventing coach Jim Wofford and several of the top riders think about this year's imposing cross-country course. Is it the biggest and most technical course we've seen here in Kentucky?

Look at the lightness and connection in the performance by Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST as he seeks his fourth straight victory at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event.

Report: Dressage, Day One at the 2018 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event

As expected, three-time Kentucky winner Michael Jung is at the top of the heap with one more day of dressage to go.


Jim Wofford: A Rolex Hat Trick For Michael Jung

The Terminator achieves another one for the record books.


We’ve All Been There …

… wondering why we struggle with riding skills. Jim has the secret for getting from THERE to HERE


Horses Don’t Want To Fall

Safe jumping depends, at least in part, on letting our horses figure it out for themselves.

Buck Davidson dominated the Open Preliminary Division at the Mars Essex Horse Trials, winning with Victor BZ and taking second, third and fourth places as well.

Postcard: 2017 Mars Essex Horse Trials

Missing from the scene for 18 years, a special eventing competition enjoys a welcome return.

Germany’s Michael Jung went into the lead on Fischerrocana FST after cross-country at Rolex Kentucky.

Postcard: 2017 Rolex Kentucky - Cross Country

Visitors from across the Atlantic dominate the top of the leaderboard after Saturday’s competition at the Kentucky Horse Park, with the best U.S. rider in fourth place.

Are You With Me? Moving with Your Horse promo image

Are You With Me? Moving with Your Horse

Jim Wofford explains how to follow your horse's motion correctly in any discipline and in different scenarios.

Marley is in a much ?stronger position when she bends her knees and shifts her weight slightly behind her hips. From this position, she can resist a much ?stronger force. Because she has angles at her knees and elbows, she is in a strong, supple, elastic position. She can use leverage to control her horse, not just strength.

The Science of Galloping

Proof that your galloping position can help or hinder your event horse.