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Equine Behavior


How Can I Solve His Separation Anxiety?

A top equine researcher weighs in on the subject of how to overcome your horse's separation anxiety.

Health Update: Your Horse Knows When You’re Angry promo image

Your Horse Knows When You’re Angry

Horse owners often pick up on a horse’s cranky mood from his body language, and the latest research is showing that horses can also tell when a human is angry based on facial expressions.

Why does my mare chew on the metal cross-ties after a treat? promo image

Why Does My Mare Chew on the Metal Cross-Ties After a Treat?

A vet offers an interesting explanation as to why a horse might nibble cross-ties after receiving a treat.

How Horses Sleep Pt. 2 - Power Naps promo image

How Horses Sleep: Power Naps

Studies of herds of wild and semi-wild horses show that horses take "power naps" and use the buddy system to get the rest they need while keeping safe from predators.

How Horses Sleep promo image

How Horses Sleep

What does your horse need to sleep well? Maybe not what you think, say equine-behavior experts.