Equine Nutrition


Practical Horseman Extra: Sandy Ferrell's Equitation Tips + Sporthorse Nutrition

Hunter rider Sandy Ferrell shares tips to fix your position to ride more effectively, plus veterinarians' advice to find the best diet for your horse.


Help Your Horse Recover From Intense Work

Considerations for training, competition, dietary strategy and supportive therapy

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Practical Horseman Extra: Lengthen His Trot Stride • Amino-Acids Report

Learn how to lengthen your horse’s trot stride, plus all about the importance of amino acids.

Mount St John for FB

Sporthorse Stars: Mount St John Freestyle

An inside look at the care and management of one of Charlotte Dujardin's top dressage mounts, Mount St John Freestyle.

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Sporthorse Stars: Royce

An inside look at the care and management of one of Margie Engle's top show jumpers, Royce.

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Sporthorse Stars: Private Practice

An inside look at the care and management of one of Tori Colvin's top hunters, Private Practice


Producing a Top Horse

How conditions during conception and pregnancy can influence your foal.

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Frequent Feeding May Minimize Ulcers

Researchers discovered that providing horses with frequent meals—a task that can be aided by automatic feeders—can help reduce the occurrence of gastric ulcers.


Diet Does Matter In OCD Development

The latest research has shown that a high-energy diet could increase a foal's chances of developing a developmental joint disease.


Nutrition Report: Amino Acids

Is your horse getting the right amount and type of the body’s building blocks to be healthy and perform his best?

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Solve the Performance Puzzle

Unrecognized physical conditions can keep your horse from fulfilling his athletic potential.