Event Horse Conditioning

EWS Amerigo -2

Jim Wofford: Ready to Ride?

Jim advices riders not to overlook this essential in preparing for your new competitive season.

Galloping Cross Country

How Much Exercise Should I Give My Event Horse?

Jim Wofford offers guidelines to help answer one of his most-asked questions about event horse exercise.

Before beginning your conditioning canter sets, you want your horse soft and relaxed. Horses who are tense when conditioned take too much out of themselves and are more susceptible to injury. Margaret Rizzo and Hooper are obviously organized and ready for some serious work. They radiate confidence and softness, exactly the frame of mind I want them in before they start cantering. Note the cross-country vest, and the galloping boots on all four of Hooper's legs. Also very important, notice the lack of a cell phone or iPod. You should not have anything with you that would interfere with your concentration on your horse or block your ability to listen to his breathing and hear the rhythm of his footfalls. Your horse's fitness is his best defense against injury during both training and competition, and he needs your full and undivided attention while he is conditioning.

The Eventing FAQs of the Matter

Some eventing questions come up more frequently than others at Jim Wofford's clinics.