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Event Horse Health


Sporthorse Stars: Donner

An inside look at the care and management of top event horse, Donner.


Sporthorse Star: Veronica's Health Care Routine

Meet Veronica, Lauren Kieffer's top four-star event horse. Find out why this talented bay mare is fondly known as "The Troll" and her favorite treat may surprise you!


Jim Wofford: Some Res … er, Wishes For the New Riding Year

Jim shares his thoughts on making your life with your horse even more beneficial to you both in the year ahead.


Jim Wofford: Now's Your Chance

Going into an off-season quiet time, you can plan for a fitter and happier horse next time out.


What Affects Heart Health in Event Horses?

Researchers are taking a deeper look into the autonomic nervous system in event horses.