Gymnastic Exercise

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Build Confidence in a Jumper Rider

A jumper coach shares a series of exercises to challenge you at home and prepare you for the competition arena.


Teaching a Horse to Ride Himself

Ronnie Mutch, leading rider and trainer, prescribes detailed training routines and gymnastic exercises that he uses to correct problems of style and attitude in his show horses.

Mavis Spencer Dubai

Mavis Spencer's Favorite Jumping Exercise

Grand Prix rider Mavis Spencer shares a simple gymnastic exercise to help your horse slow down his mind.

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3 Gymnastic Exercises to Sharpen Your Jump-Off Skills

Olympic medalist Norman Dello Joio’s philosophy behind some of his most effective training techniques

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Enhance Your Horse’s Balance and Athleticism

Olympic gold medalist Melanie Smith Taylor shares her hourglass exercise—a gymnastic with straight and bending lines.


How to Discourage Knockdowns

Top hunter, jumper and equitation trainer Scott Lico shares strategies to help a horse who knocks down rails while jumping.

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Jim Wofford: Gymnastic Exercise

Improve your horse’s rhythm, balance and independence over a bounce gymnastic.

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Improve Rideability for Confident Courses

Prepare your horse for the show ring by refining his adjustability with this step-by-step gymnastic exercise program.