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The 2021 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event Kicks Off

There were no spectators—but there was snow—as the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event got underway.

Cross Country With Jim Winter 2020

Pandemic Report: Improved Sport but Worrisome Trends

Many riders got back to basics during quarantine, but Jim has some concerns about the bigger picture.

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Are You a Horseman—or Just a Rider?

Jim Wofford’s quiz may help you answer the question.


Practical Horseman Extra: Wofford on Learning to Gallop Safely • Tick-Borne Threats

Jim Wofford offers tips on learning to safely gallop your horse. Plus, read about the serious health risks ticks pose for horses.


The End of the Cavalry

In an excerpt from his upcoming memoir, Jim Wofford shares stories of growing up in a horse-crazy family that had military icons and Olympians at the breakfast table.

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What’s in Your Toolbox?

Do you have the tools you need for competition this year … and do any need sharpening?

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In Search of the Complete Horseman

Hunter/jumper, eventing or dressage—remember, they’re all parts of a whole.

Jim Wofford Clinic

Practical Horseman Podcast: Jim Wofford, Part 2

Here’s a sneak peek at what eventing icon Jim Wofford discussed in Part 2 of his podcast interview for Practical Horseman.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know about Jim Wofford

Get the inside scoop on this week’s guest on the Practical Horseman podcast, eventing icon Jim Wofford.


When the Best Riders Meet Great Course Design

Jim Wofford explores how Derek di Grazia, designer of the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event cross-country course, still stays a step ahead of elite competitors


Jim Wofford: A Tribute to Caprilli

Jim contemplates the continuing influence of the Italian cavalryman who originated the forward seat.

Jim Wofford

Jim Wofford's Thoughts After the First Day of Dressage at the 2019 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event

Legendary eventing trainer Jim Wofford shares his thoughts on today's dressage rides and who to watch for on Friday.

Jim Wofford Kentucky Preview

Video: Jim Wofford's Preview of the 2019 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event

Legendary eventing trainer Jim Wofford shares his thoughts on this year's riders competing at the Land Rover Kentucky CCI5*.

Single Bride or Single Cross Rein

Gone Away! Techniques for Galloping Safely

Jim Wofford shares his “slow and safe” approach to learning to ride your horse at the gallop.

Horse Snow

Jim Wofford's Winter Reading List

Veteran eventing coach Jim Wofford suggests books to boost your knowledge in the off-season.

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Hoofprints Through History Part 2: Orphans Preferred

… in which Jim highlights some of the ways horses were central to all sides during the U.S. upheavals of the 19th century.

Comanche Horse Custer Last Stand

Jim Wofford: From Hoofprints to Tire Treads

It took only half a century for horses, which had been mankind's essential partner in war and commerce for millennia, to be supplanted in those endeavors by machinery ... even as they became indispensable for sport and companionship.


Hoofprints Through History

Jim Wofford reflects on a few of the countless instances when horses have been an intrinsic part of human history.


Cross Country with Jim Wofford: One ‘Yeah, but …’ Leads to Another

Thought-provoking questions leave Jim contemplating the future of eventing.

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The Importance of Knowing Your Horse's Stride Length

Do you know the length of your horse’s stride? Jim tells you why it’s important and how to figure it out.


Experience Takes Too Long

… unless you avail yourself of the experiences of others as well as your own.

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The cross-country phase is why we do this sport. Here’s how to make the most of it.


Jim Wofford: The Competitive Conundrum

Thoughts on reconciling the demands of competition—when ‘they’ are keeping score—with classical training principles


Goodbye to Cap’nbilly

A very personal farewell tribute to a matchless horseman--Bill Steinkraus.