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DSC_0004 barefoot hoof underrun heel

Coping with Navicular Disease

A vet offers ways you can slow the progression of navicular disease and reduce your horse’s discomfort.


Combating Joint Disease

Degenerative joint disease, or osteoarthritis, is an irreversible condition, but careful management of symptoms will keep your horse moving freely.

Equine Vibration Therapy

Whole-Body Vibration Treatment for Lameness: Does It Work?

A pilot study examines if whole-body vibration therapy is effective for treating chronic lameness.

Detecting Horse Joint Damage: Electroarthrography promo image

Detecting Horse Joint Damage: Electroarthrography

Electroarthrography uses small electrodes attached to the horse's skin to detect minute variations in electrical signals that are emitted when cartilage bears weight.

Footing that is ideal for one discipline might be inappropriate for another, according to new research from the FEI. © Arnd Bronkhorst

FEI Dishes Dirt on Footing

Two new FEI publications provide a look at new research on arena footing.

MRI technology has changed the way veterinarians diagnose and subsequently treat heel pain.  © Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging/Hoofcare Publishing

A Pain in the Heels: A New Look at Navicular Disease

Here's the latest information about the condition formerly known as navicular disease.

Powdered bute

Combining NSAIDs in Horses: Two Isn't Better Than One

A study shows that stacking two anti-inflammatories is no more effective at easing lameness in horses than giving just one NSAID.

Various syringes and vials

Understand the USEF Equine Drug Testing Rules

If you compete in rated shows, here's what you need to know to keep your horse healthy and maintain a level playing field.


21 Sport Horse Conformation Questions with John Madden

Show jumping trainer John Madden answers your questions from his conformation evaluation webinar.


Webinar: Evaluating Horse Conformation for Potential Ability with John Madden

Practical Horseman presents a horse conformation webinar with show-jumping trainer John Madden. Brought to you by Purina Mills?.


What Is "Serviceably Sound"?

You've likely heard the term, but what does it mean? A veterinarian--who's also an event rider--explains.

Horse Rehabilitation Tips promo image

Horse Rehabilitation Tips

Experts and riders share their best treatments to get a horse back to work in this excerpt of Chapter 5 from the book Back to Work.

Hat Trick LA is an example of an endurance horse with ideal conformation for the sport. The 10-year-old Arabian gelding with 600 lifetime American Endurance Ride Conference miles "is standing a little uphill in this photo, so it looks like he's leaning forward. On flat ground, he is quite square," says Dr. Roush. "I cannot fault his conformation. I might wish for his legs to be a tad longer, but that's splitting hairs." | ? Michelle Roush, DVM

What's the Ideal Endurance Horse Conformation?

Endurance competitor Dr. Michelle Roush explains what to look for in endurance horse conformation.

Torn Horse Tendon: The Long Road Back from This Equine Injury promo image

Torn Horse Tendon: The Long Road Back from This Equine Injury

Learn what to do at every stage of healing to give your horse his best chance for a full recovery from a torn tendon.

On radiographs, subchondral bone cysts show up as dark areas. This X-ray shows cysts in the area of a horse

Bone Cyst: The Case of the Missing Bone

Subchondral bone cysts can cause persistent lameness in horses, but researchers are on the trail of better treatments. By Lisa A. Fortier, DVM, PhD, with Elaine Pascoe for Practical Horseman magazine.

Bowed Tendon: Will My Horse Event Again? promo image

Bowed Tendon: Will My Horse Event Again?

Will an event horse with a bowed tendon be able to resume her previous level of competition? By Dr. Kevin Keane for Practical Horseman magazine.

Prevent Lameness, Keep Your Horse Sound promo image

Prevent Lameness, Keep Your Horse Sound

Here's a handy summary of recommendations to prevent lameness and keep your horse sound.