Feeding for weight gain

When your horse is too thin, whether it’s a short-term aberration or a chronic struggle, careful feeding can help to keep his weight up.


Making the Switch to Senior Feeds

When is the best time to begin a specialized feeding regimen for your older horse? These tips can help you determine how to best meet his needs.

New Process Reclaims Wood Shavings from Used Horse Bedding promo image

New Process Reclaims Wood Shavings from Used Horse Bedding

A revolutionary process allows wood shavings from horse bedding to be reused.

Rider to Rider: Best Holiday Gifts promo image

Rider to Rider: Best Holiday Gifts

In the December 2008 issue of Practical Horsemanwe asked our readers about the best holiday gifts they've ever given or received. Here are their favorite memories.


Build Your Own Heated Pasture Water Tank

Heather Hoyns shows you how to streamline your winter horsekeeping by building your own heated pasture water tank. By Heather Hoyns and the editors of Practical Horseman magazine.

Maurene Moffett competes in the Adult Amateur division. | ? Roger Lohr

Horsekeeping in Texas for an Adult Amateur

As a continuation of Practical Horseman's September 2004 Special Report "Horsekeeping in These Times--How We Pull It Off," here's a first-hand account of what horsekeeping involves for a Texas amateur with limited time and boundless enthusiasm. By the editors of Practical Horseman.


Provide a Reliable Outdoor Water Supply

A life-long horsekeeper and the founder of the nationally popular Old People's Riding Club (OPRC) offers an all-seasons solution to the challenge of providing your horse with outdoor drinkable water. By Hope Jacob for Practical Horseman magazine.


Equine Activity Liability Laws

Some states require equine professionals and "equine activity sponsors" to post warning signs and/or require special language in written contracts and liability releases. Are you in compliance? Check this information prepared for you by the editors of Practical Horseman magazine.