Mongol Derby Prep

Mongol Derby Bob Long 2

Life After the Mongol Derby

As the 2019 Mongol Derby is coming to a close, riders may be wondering what comes next?


Mongol Derby: The Eagle Has Landed!

A Derby-ready Jocelyn Pierce embarks upon pre-race training in Mongolia’s capital city and heads to start camp on the steppe

DeShaun and Jen Planks Bar Method

Getting Mongol Derby Fit

How Jocelyn has physically prepared over the past 11 months leading up the Mongol Derby


Road to the Mongol Derby: How I Prepared for the Challenge of a Lifetime

Prac's Associate Editor Jocelyn Pierce shares the inside scoop on her preparation for next week's Mongol Derby.

Endurance Riding Moab Utah

Mongolia Lessons in Utah

Mongol Derby training with Christoph Schork resulted in more than lessons on endurance riding.