Road to the Mongol Derby: Part One

SmartPaker Kayleigh Davenport takes us with her as she trains to compete in the world's longest and toughest race—the Mongol Derby.

Mongol Derby Herdsmen_Selwyn

Photo Gallery: Mongol Derby

A collection of some of our favorite images and moments from this year's Mongol Derby.

Mongol Derby Day 1

Mongol Derby Part I: ‘Everybody Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth’

Practical Horseman Associate Editor Jocelyn Pierce recounts her Mongol Derby adventure in Part I of this three-part series.


Mongol Derby Day 8: Yes She Khan, and Yes She Did!

Prac’s Jocelyn Pierce got sent on the writing assignment of a lifetime and it appears she has survived to tell the tale.

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Mongol Derby Day 7: And We Have a Winner(s)!

Adrian Corboy and Annabel Neasham crossed the line in tandem to claim the 2018 crown, while Prac’s Jocelyn Pierce is on target to finish tomorrow morning.

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Mongol Derby Day 6: Over the River and Through the … Um, This Seems Dangerous

There is no bridge over troubled water, only trouble, for riders in the Mongol Derby. On day 6 Jocelyn Pierce remains unsinkable, while the Aussies cling to a narrow lead.


Mongol Derby Days 3-4: Keep Calm and Bugger On

Steeped in chaos and surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery on earth, Jocelyn Pierce is still smiling as she reaches the midway point of the Mongol Derby.

Natalie Gavi Riding Stella

How a Vegetarian Survives the Mongol Derby

Insight from Registered Dietitians Natalie Gavi and Aaron Owens Mayhew on how to fuel for the longest and toughest horse race in the world.

Erik Cooper leading horse Mongolia

Erik Cooper: Reindeer Adventurer and King of the Bloodwagon

Mongol Derby rescue crew member Erik Cooper shares his take on the longest and toughest horse race on the planet.

Endurance Riding Moab Utah

Mongolia Lessons in Utah

Mongol Derby training with Christoph Schork resulted in more than lessons on endurance riding.

Tim Finley Kneeling at Finish

Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

U.S. Air Force Captain and Iraq War veteran Tim Finley completed the Mongol Derby in 2016 to raise awareness for a greater cause.

Angela Kemerer and Jocelyn Pierce Endurance Ride

Step One: Learn About Endurance Riding

Jocelyn breaks into the world of endurance riding and works on fitness in and out of the saddle.

Mongol Derby Gallop

The Mongol Derby: 600 Miles in 10 Days (or Less)

The Mongol Derby is a bit unique and usually emboldens lots of questions about the who, what, why, where and how. Here are the 11 most frequently asked questions I’ve encountered since signing up for the Mongol Derby.

Jocelyn Pierce Mongol Derby

Destination: Mongolia

Practical Horseman's Associate Editor Jocelyn Pierce sets her sights on the Mongol Derby.