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Off-the-track Thoroughbred


Johnny's Journey

A rescued Thoroughbred gets a happy ending even though the adventure has not gone exactly to plan.

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From the Racetrack to the Dressage Arena

FEI “I” dressage and eventing Judge Christoph Hess answers questions from the owner of an ex-racehorse.

Kris Covert Elliot

Never Count Out a Rescue Horse

How a rescued Thoroughbred helped rekindle a love of horses for a busy amateur


Lexington Lead-Up: Get to Know Chris Talley and Unmarked Bills

Find out more about eventer Chris Talley and his off-the-track Thoroughbred Unmarked Bills as they gear up for their CCI5* debut at Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event.

Baron final October 2017

To Heaven and Back

An adult amateur’s off-the-track Thoroughbred overcomes a rare life-threatening diagnosis to regain success in the eventing world.

Holly Payne Santino Fair Hill Oct 2017

Thoroughbreds are Made for Eventing

Top eventer Holly Payne Caravella explains why she prefers American Thoroughbreds, most of whom are off the racetrack, and how she finds and retrains them for her sport.

How do I keep my horse’s head down in transitions? promo image

How Do I Keep My Horse’s Head Down in Transitions?

A rider switching from hunters to dressage with her off-the-track Thoroughbred finds trouble with transitions. FEI dressage trainer and competitor Mary Flood offers some helpful suggestions.

Rediscovering Riding Off the Track: Rosie Napravnik promo image

Rediscovering Riding Off the Track: Rosie Napravnik

Former jockey Rosie Napravnik is dedicated to promoting OTTBs in second careers and even rides her own in eventing.

The galloping and speed work involved in racing create muscling over the horse's topline that looks and feels tighter than on a typical riding horse. © Frank Sorge/

Are My Horse's Spookiness and Stiffness Connected?

U.S. Eventing Association certified instructor Steuart Pittman Jr. explains how a horse's stiffness and spookiness can be related.

Which Thoroughbred Best Fits My Needs? promo image

Which Thoroughbred Best Fits My Needs?

Guidelines to consider when choosing an off-the-track Thoroughbred for a specific English discipline, from the book Beyond the Track.