Rider Position Fixes

Elizabeth Levi Winter 2020 No Credit

Jumping Clinic with Beezie Madden: Stirrup Placement and Hip Angle

Beezie critiques a rider's jumping position, sharing suggestions for improvements in stirrup placement and hip angle.

Kip Rosenthal Loosen Up Opener

Loosen Up: 4 Exercises to Eliminate Rider Stiffness

Top hunter/jumper/equitation trainer Kip Rosenthal offers exercises to enable you to move fluidly with your horse’s motion and communicate more effectively.

CJ Law Seat Fixing Opener

6 Seat-Fixing Exercises

Improve your position, balance and control in the saddle.


Jumping Clinic with George Morris

George Morris critiques a rider's position.


15 Riding Exercises to Correct Common Leg, Seat and Hand Problems | How To Improve Your Position in Horse Riding

Whatever type of riding you do, the more correctly you use your leg, seat and hand aids to communicate with your horse, the better he will perform.

Rider Position Jim Wofford

What We Mean When We Say 'Back to Basics'

Jim Wofford means no stirrups and no reins ... no joke.

Jeff Cook

10 Time-Tested Rider Position Fixes

Our top-to-bottom guide helps you rein in your most persistent rider position issues.

Figure 1 | Photos by Mandy Lorraine

Improve Your Dressage Riding Position

International dressage rider Belinda Nairn-Wertman offers basic exercises that improve your riding position and feel--and get you out of the ring.