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Young Rider Champions Mental-Health Issues

College student and equestrian Mackenzie Drazan has launched two organizations to serve as resources for those struggling with mental-health issues.

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Jim Wofford: Ready to Ride?

Jim advices riders not to overlook this essential in preparing for your new competitive season.

Horses Help Veterans promo image

Horses Help Veterans

Research shows that therapeutic riding can bring relief to military veterans suffering from combat-induced post-traumatic stress disorder.

Mental Skills: What's in Your Toolbox? promo image

Mental Skills: What's in Your Toolbox?

Mental skills coach Tonya Johnston explains that great show days take preparation, inspiration and focus and shares top hunter pro Liza Boyd's personal strategy.

6 Ways to Set Goals for Riding Success promo image

6 Ways to Set Goals for Riding Success

Whether you ride for pleasure or the thrill of competition, setting realistic goals can increase your enjoyment of the time you spend in the saddle.

All Head Injuries Aren't Equal promo image

All Head Injuries Aren't Equal

Multisport research on brain injuries gives riders all the more reason to wear a certified helmet.

Stay Safe at the In-Gate promo image

Stay Safe at the In-Gate

Follow these tips to keep you and your horse safe at the in-gate at horse shows.

How Hard Should Eventers Train? promo image

How Hard Should Eventers Train?

New research is showing that eventers may want to tweak their horse's conditioning routines, based on heart-rate data.

Tuck and Roll for Safer Horseback Riding Falls promo image

Tuck and Roll for Safer Horseback Riding Falls

For when—not if—you fall off your horse, here’s how to make the best of it.

Do Horses Prefer Male or Female Riders?

A new study indicates that horses apparently don't care which gender is in the saddle.


Rider to Rider: Biggest Horse-Care Mistake

Practical Horseman readers confess the horse-care faux pas that taught them valuable lessons.

Safe Disposal of Expired Medications promo image

Safe Disposal of Expired Medications

Learn what to do?and what NOT to do?with unused medications.

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Combining NSAIDs in Horses: Two Isn't Better Than One

A study shows that stacking two anti-inflammatories is no more effective at easing lameness in horses than giving just one NSAID.

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Understand the USEF Equine Drug Testing Rules

If you compete in rated shows, here's what you need to know to keep your horse healthy and maintain a level playing field.

Modern scientific research has described the galloping position we should use cross country. I like the feeling of poise and focus that Sharon White and ?Inspiration (Bounce) give me in this photo. Bounce is secretly taking a bit of a grip on the reins, and Sharon has closed her hands against the neck to stabilize her speed. Notice she is using her hands against the neck to control her horse, rather than to control her upper body. In a perfect world, I would like Sharon's seat a little closer to the saddle, with her knee bent a little more. From this ?position, Sharon's weight will correctly rise and sink into her knees and ankles. This position absorbs the shock of galloping and reduces Bounce's workload. Besides being scientifically flawed, standing straight-legged in the stirrups at the gallop is unstable and potentially dangerous.

Design a Horse Fitness Plan for Eventing

Help your horse feel as good at the end of cross country as he does at the beginning with a solid horse fitness plan.

How do I ?select and use a cooler for my horse? promo image

How to Select and Use a Cooler For Your Horse

A professional groom discusses how to properly choose and use a horse cooler to dry your horse and keep him warm.

New Process Reclaims Wood Shavings from Used Horse Bedding promo image

New Process Reclaims Wood Shavings from Used Horse Bedding

A revolutionary process allows wood shavings from horse bedding to be reused.

Horse Rehabilitation Tips promo image

Horse Rehabilitation Tips

Experts and riders share their best treatments to get a horse back to work in this excerpt of Chapter 5 from the book Back to Work.

Mark Watring with Sapphire and his clone Saphir. | ? Tass Jones

The Horse Cloning Conundrum

Science has made it possible to genetically replicate a horse through horse cloning. What does the process involve, and what does it mean for the future of competitive equestrian sports?

Hat Trick LA is an example of an endurance horse with ideal conformation for the sport. The 10-year-old Arabian gelding with 600 lifetime American Endurance Ride Conference miles "is standing a little uphill in this photo, so it looks like he's leaning forward. On flat ground, he is quite square," says Dr. Roush. "I cannot fault his conformation. I might wish for his legs to be a tad longer, but that's splitting hairs." | ? Michelle Roush, DVM

What's the Ideal Endurance Horse Conformation?

Endurance competitor Dr. Michelle Roush explains what to look for in endurance horse conformation.

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Warm Up Exercises for Equestrians

You know it's important to get your horse limber for a training session. Your own preparation, however, is just as crucial. Learn three specific warm-up exercisesand five exercises to reduce stress in this excerpt adapted from the new book Rider Fitness:

7 Balimo Exercises To Improve Your Balance In The Saddle promo image

7 Balimo Exercises To Improve Your Balance In The Saddle

Improve your balance in the saddle with these 7 Balimo exercises from top sports physiologist Eckart Meyners.

Understand Equine Insurance promo image

Understand Equine Insurance

The better you understand the ins and outs of equine insurance, the better you can protect your horse?and yourself.