Saddle Fit

Equine Back Pain

Back Pain in the Performance Horse

An overview of clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment options for equine back pain.


A New Understanding Of Saddle Fit

A recent study showed the importance of assessing your horse’s saddle fit when he’s moving, not just while he’s standing still.

Help Your Perfect His Trot promo image

Help Your Horse Perfect His Trot

Dressage trainer Lisa Pierson offers training tips for helping your horse's trotting issues.

Sore Horse Withers promo image

Sore Horse Withers

Withers are often overlooked as a cause of trouble, but even small problems here can directly affect your horse’s performance.

This is a good example of a show-jumping saddle. The balance point is in the correct place, the knee rolls are not going to interfere with the rider. | Photos ?Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore

Make Sure Your Jumping Saddle Fits You, Too

Use Jim Wofford's simple test to find out whether your jumping saddle is working with you or against you.