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Senior Horse Care

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Cross-Country Schooling Strategies • Senior Horse Tips

Identify goals to make the most of your cross-country schooling. Plus, special considerations for the senior performance horse.


Normal Aging or PPID?

Don’t be fooled by the symptoms of this serious hormonal disorder, more commonly known as Cushing’s disease.

Senior Horse Vet on Call

Special Considerations for the Senior Performance Horse

How to adapt your horse’s management to better support his age


Training the Mature Hunter

Like people, horses need to “use it or lose it” as they age. Hunter rider and trainer Julie Curtin shares simple exercises to help keep aging horses strong, supple, balanced and interested in their jobs.

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Head to Hoof: Senior Horse Health Concerns

Help your horse age gracefully by understanding the most common issues facing senior equines.

Feb 18 My Life

The Look of Eagles

How do you say goodbye to a pony you've owned for more than half your life?

How Much Exercise for a Senior Horse? promo image

How Much Exercise for a Senior Horse?

A rider wonders how much exercise her senior horse should be getting.

TLC for the Senior Horse: 8 Essential Steps promo image

TLC for the Senior Horse: 8 Essential Steps

By paying attention to these eight crucial areas of senior care, you can help your horse thrive in his golden years.

How to Keep Weight on a Senior Horse promo image

How to Keep Weight on a Senior Horse

A reader asks: How do I keep weight on my senior horse?

Jason and Melissa Webb with some of their retirees at Paradigm Farms. | Photo courtesy of Melissa Webb

CEO Gets in the Business of Horse Retirement

After leading one of the fastest growing companies in Nashville, Melissa Webb and her husband decided to incorporate those winning business skills into a top-notch horse retirement community.

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Limber Your Senior Horse by Stretching

A series of on-the-ground stretches for legs and neck will do wonders for the senior horse.