Sitting Trot

Shoeing Your Horse

Practical Horseman Extra: Sit the Trot or Not

Two questions covered in this month’s Practical Horseman Extra: Whether to sit or post the trot in a lower-level eventing dressage test and whether to put shoes on your horse or let him go barefoot.

How to Sit the Trot

How To Sit the Trot Without Bouncing

A top dressage trainer offers helpful tips on how riders can master the sitting trot.

Should I post or sit the trot in my dressage test? promo image

Should I Post or Sit the Trot in My Dressage Test?

Tips on how to decide whether to post or sit the trot during a dressage test

You CAN Master Sitting Trot—REALLY! promo image

You CAN Master Sitting Trot—REALLY!

Top West Coast dressage trainer, competitor and judge, Sandy Howard, breaks down the complex task of sitting the trot into learnable chunks.