Tonya Johnston

Louise Serio and Jus D'o

How to Handle Mistakes in Riding

Mental-skills coach Tonya Johnston and top hunter trainer and rider Louise Serio examine how to process missteps effectively.

Adrienne Photo

The Long-Standing Trainer–Student Relationship

Practical suggestions to keep it positive and productive

Eric Navet 0n Gem Twist_1990WEG 86-28_KarlLeckPhoto

Eric Navet: Mindset Matters

Mental-skills inspiration from legendary show jumper Eric Navet.


Inside Your Ride: Take Full Advantage Of Your ‘Why’

How to create and utilize a motivation statement

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Inside Your Ride: Find the Right Coach

When, how and who to hire as a mental-skills professional


Inside Your Ride: The Superpower Called “Self-Talk”

Top dressage rider Jane Savoie offers tips on generating success with the voice in your head.


Airplane Mode

Equestrian mental skills coach Tonya Johnston shares top tips for managing your phone at the barn.


Yes, Teamwork Does Make the Dream Work

Mental skills coach Tonya Johnston and Olympian Ali Brock share tips for enhancing group cohesion at your barn.


Inside Your Ride: Harnessing the Power Of Observation

Enhance confidence and abilities with active visualization and the outside-in principle.

Rebecca Hart

Pre-Ride Routines 101

Create personalized mental preparation strategies.