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Trail Riding

Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel DTO Riding Out

Riding Out of the Arena

Using hills to challenge your horse’s balance


5 Benefits to Riding Outside the Ring

Whether it's just a leisurely hack through the woods or a conditioning ride up and down hills, getting your horse outside the ring on a frequent basis can be hugely beneficial to both of you. Five expert horsemen weigh in on how cross-training can help boost you and your horse's mental and physical skills.

Autumn Horses

A Wimpy Rider's Guide to Surviving Chilly Weather

Autumn: full of pumpkin spice, gorgeous weather and trying not to get dumped off your spooking horse.


Lane Clarke: Training on the Trail

A top jumper rider teaches you how to build trust and bust boredom on a non-arena path that contributes to show-ring success.


Jim Wofford: Now's Your Chance

Going into an off-season quiet time, you can plan for a fitter and happier horse next time out.


How Can I Practice Dressage on Trail Rides?

Top dressage rider and trainer JJ Tate shares ways to keep your dressage horse fresh and build a better partnership with him--outside of the ring.

Plan Ahead For the Heat promo image

Plan Ahead For the Heat

Stow these items in your saddle bag for safer, more comfortable rides for you and your horse.