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Young Horse Training

Tik Maynard touching horse

Uncomplicated: An Excerpt from 'In the Middle Are the Horsemen'

Eventer and natural horsemanship advocate Tik Maynard studies the horse and human nature and how the two can find balance.


Weighty Matters

Grand prix dressage rider David Marcus shares how your weight aids can improve your horse’s training at every level.

When you begin jumping your young horse, use inviting fences like cavalletti and crossrails and keep the height age-appropriate. © Amy K. Dragoo

How Should I Start My Young Horse Over Fences?

Grand-prix rider Wilhelm Genn explains how to give a young horse a positive start over fences.

When it comes to starting young horses, there are countless methods, but the best of them always gain the horse’s trust from the beginning, says Debbie McDonald, here with Adrienne Lyle and Harmony’s Duvall. © Mary Cornelius

A ‘Wholistic’ Way of Training with Debbie McDonald

Olympian Debbie McDonald explains how to build trust for the horse’s mind and balance for his body.

Early training, beginning at age 2-1?2, entails teaching the horse to work with people, accepting the weight of the rider and hacking in the open and on trails?all without pushing too much. | ? Tass Jones

How Much Longeing is Too Much for a Young Horse?

Grand Prix dressage competitor and trainer Alyssa Pitts answers a reader's question about longeing.