Ask a Pro: Showstopping Tail

Hey Max, how do you achieve a showstopping tail?

Hey Max, how do you achieve a showstopping tail?

“For that showstopping tail, ShowSheen is my go-to because I don’t like to brush my tails often. You (of course) want them to be thick, full, shiny and tangle free as we all covet a great tail. ShowSheen is always great to have in the tail so that it doesn’t get caught or pulled out on leg straps, buckets, stall guards, or whatever may be around,” says Corcoran. “I like to spray ShowSheen in the tail as soon as I put the horse in the cross ties. Then I go about my grooming routine all over their body and come back to the tail when it’s dry. Then I can easily pick out the debris like shavings, twigs, and big knots with ease. I also spray ShowSheen in their tail right after giving them a bath. That way, the horse’s tail is nice and slick from the get-go!”

Formulated by hair care professionals, ShowSheenOriginal Hair Polish & Detangler is clinically proven to smooth hair, improve detangling and significantly reduce hair breakage for fuller, longer manes and tails. It repels dust, dirt, and prevents stains to keep horses cleaner longer. And of course, ShowSheen is renowned for providing stronger, healthier hair and an unparalleled radiant shine.

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